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Ms. Ghada Burton believes in sharing tax knowledge to enhance taxpayers’ tax position. Whether it is corporations, individuals or other forms of legal entities, her expertise is endless. In today’s world, social media and online communication are an important way to share knowledge. Also, it allows people to reach a wider relevant audience.

Medium is a blogging site that allows people of all professions and interests to be able to share their thoughts regarding certain topics. Also, if you are searching for advice on the latest tax guides or looking to get into finance and taxation, Ghada Burton is able to help. In addition, the world of taxes is always changing, especially with new tech.

Here are some topics that may prove helpful to your tax situation. One article explains briefly recent changes in the tax law as a result of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, which was passed into law in December 2017. Another article offers general tips for planning your tax situation in 2019. Furthermore, these tips are not taxed advice specifically. Therefore, if you are looking for specific advice to your case, Ghada advises consulting with one’s tax advisor on matters concerning their specific tax situation.

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Ghada Burton Explains the Changes the New Job Tax Act Implemented in 2018

In 2018, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was passed in December of 2017, went into effect. In addition, there were major issues to personal tax filing, which was felt in 2018. Therefore, confusion about the changes has continued into 2019.

Ghada Burton – Managing Director & Chief Tax Consultant

Also, Ms. Burton is a seasoned tax professional with exceptional experience in taxation and finance.

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Ghada is a seasoned tax professional with extensive experience in all areas of taxation and finance.

Personal Tax Saving Tips for 2019 Courtesy of Tax Expert – Tax & Finance Consulting…

With personal tax filing substantially behind us for 2018. It is time to set our sights on tax planning ideas for 2019.

Recent Talks About the Federal Reserve Lowering Interest Rates- Are You Looking to Buy or…

Are you looking to buy a home? Or possibly looking to refinance your existing mortgage? Well, the timing couldn’t be better. Ms. Burton from San Francisco, California, therefore, suggests that lower interest rates can help you improve your cash flow for 2019 and beyond.

Ghada Discusses How the New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Treat Capital Gains?

The Tax Code has always shown bias in favor of long-term investment.

Do You Owe Estimated Tax Payments? Ghada Burton Discusses Changes in 2019 Under the New Tax Law

From San Francisco, California Ghada says failure to make such payments could subject you to interest and penalties.

Ghada Burton Discusses How the Cliburn Piano Competition Brings Together Musicians from Across the…

The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and Festival is one of Texas’ most prominent music competitions which is held every four years in Fort Worth.