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Ghada Burton is here to help by offering tax advice in the area of taxation as applied to corporations, individuals and partnerships. As a tax professional, she has dedicated her time to clients by offering valuable tax strategies and assisting them to meet their tax filing obligations.

Ms. Burton offers her expertise in the field of general and international taxation through short- or long-term projects with substantive and well-defined deliverables.

Ms. Burton’s Knowledge

As an expert tax professional and financial analyst, Ms. Ghada Burton carefully applies her knowledge base and leadership skills to guide corporations, and other legal entities through the complexities of the U.S. tax laws and regulations.

She is masterful at identifying a client’s critical tax issues and proposing relevant solutions well aligned with the company’s overall goals and management’s long-term vision.

In her practice, she focuses on tax compliance matters, tax planning, corporate restructuring, state tax matters, cash management and foreign currency hedging strategies to reduce overall exposure to foreign currency risk, among other areas.

Ms. Burton has mentored her staff and offered substantial support to women in business as they strive to achieve their professional growth and personal career objectives.


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