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Ghada Burton is an experienced tax professional and financial analyst from San Francisco, CA. She has applied her expertise at multinational entities operating throughout the globe. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in guiding corporations and other entities through the complexities of the U.S. tax laws and regulations. Ghada began her career in public accounting. Later, she worked with world-renowned corporations such as Salomon Brothers (now Citigroup) and ExxonMobil. Ghada Burton focuses on international corporate taxation and organizational restructuring. Also, she assists in growing multinationals by offering her services in the field of tax compliances. As well as, strategic corporate planning and cross-border transactions. She remains committed to offering exceptional client services through her extensive knowledge-base powered by excellence in performance.

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Ghada Burton’s Professional Goals

While tax simplification remains the goal for many of our legislators. It is evident that this “noble” goal is far from today’s realities. Our tax laws remain the most complex in the world. Incidentally, other countries are taking notice and following the U.S. lead by enacting counter-regulations.

As a result, it is challenging for start-ups and pre-IPO companies to try to apply the tax laws without professional assistance. As well as, not wanting to run the risk of tax exposure which could result in substantial penalties. Ghada Burton remains focused on her goal to help guide her clients through the maze of the tax complexities. Either federal, state & local, as well as international.

Furthermore, Ms. Burton welcomes opportunities in the finance area to guide clients in risk management by setting up hedging policies which comply with overall corporate governance and ensure that the client is protected from foreign currency exposure. She has had the pleasure of working with finance staff at various levels of technical complexities.

Ms. Burton participated in various presentations at clients’ international conferences on matters relating to international Transfer Pricing, Fin48 and Financial Derivatives as a Tool for Hedging Currency exposure. She has mentored her staff and helped them achieve their career objectives through empowerment and professional growth. Ghada Burton believes in investing in the next generation of finance and tax professionals and this is one of the ways she can do so. She remains committed to offering support to women in business and assisting them as they strive to achieve and succeed as they climb the corporate ladder.

What Does Tax Look Like Today?

Ghada Burton is looking to help inform, not only corporate clients but also individuals and small businesses who find it difficult to navigate in today’s complex tax laws and regulations.